Touchstone $15.00 gift certificate – A gift from me to you!

This is a $15.00 gift certificate from me, Gabriela McNiel, to anyone who has heard of Touchstone and always wanted to try their awesome products! Me and my hubby use Essentials, Super greens +D, Green energy & pure body as a natural detox for us and our sons with #Autism. I’m excited to try Wellspring this monthContinue reading “Touchstone $15.00 gift certificate – A gift from me to you!”


Pesticides on fruit | The Worst Summer Fruits | Rodale News

It is so important to buy organic fruits and veggies. If you aren’t buying organic, consider buying a fruit/veggie wash like the “fit” brand, or soaking fruit in a warm water & vinegar solution at least 20 minutes before eating it. If possible, scrub fruit with a towel or sponge too. Fruits soaked in pesticides shouldn’tContinue reading “Pesticides on fruit | The Worst Summer Fruits | Rodale News”

Gardening giveaway | The Frugal Greenish Mama

I am so anxious to start a garden this year! Even if i don’t win, i’m buying some chile peppers!! Enter to win the Humble Seed Organic, Heirloom seed Giveaway by The Frugal Greenish Mama!! gardening giveaway | The Frugal Greenish Mama.

Still not sold on organic? This list will help you see the light.

It is alarming. Pesticides and toxins are in everything – especially our food. My husband and i have been buying organic for almost a year. It’s doable & it’s healthy. If anyone is looking for a local organic farmer, check out: or head out to Kaiser Permanente’s farmers market located at 7300 N. Fresno Street, Fresno, CA 93720Continue reading “Still not sold on organic? This list will help you see the light.”