Webinars – Talk About Curing Autism (TACA)

We realize TACA cannot have chapters in every town and every state, but we know many families need us. TACA families need information in a way that is more convenient to them, and as a response to their needs, we are now pleased to offer webinars for our members.  TACA Webinars will be offered basedContinue reading “Webinars – Talk About Curing Autism (TACA)”


ABA & children with Medi-Cal

Disability Rights California, National Health Law Program, and Western Center on Law and Poverty are conducting an investigation regarding the provision of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Therapy to children in Medi-Cal.  ABA is an evidence-based, clinically proven treatment for children with autism and autism spectrum disorders.  Some children have received ABA through regional centers, privateContinue reading “ABA & children with Medi-Cal”

Don’t Miss ARI’s Next Free, Live Webinar: Diets For ASD Adults

Don’t Miss Our Next Free, Live Webinar: Diets For ASD Adults. Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes Description: This webinar will provide sound strategies for planning affordable, nutritious meals for ASD adults – from group settings to single-family homes. We will also discuss the logistics of creating a healthy and enjoyable eating environment and provide tipsContinue reading “Don’t Miss ARI’s Next Free, Live Webinar: Diets For ASD Adults”

DSM-V: What Changes May Mean | Autism Research Institute

DSM-V: What Changes May Mean | Autism Research Institute. Video: The American Psychiatric Association board of trustees met Dec. 1, 2012 to approve changes to diagnostic criteria for autism that eliminate the diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome and change the criteria for diagnosis – learn why accurate diagnosis matters and what these changes may mean for yourContinue reading “DSM-V: What Changes May Mean | Autism Research Institute”

Touchstone $15.00 gift certificate – A gift from me to you!

This is a $15.00 gift certificate from me, Gabriela McNiel, to anyone who has heard of Touchstone and always wanted to try their awesome products! Me and my hubby use Essentials, Super greens +D, Green energy & pure body as a natural detox for us and our sons with #Autism. I’m excited to try Wellspring this monthContinue reading “Touchstone $15.00 gift certificate – A gift from me to you!”