There’s still time to register – join us online for “Autism and the SCD Diet”

This is a diet I’ve been wondering about lately. We have tried the GFCF diet but honestly David & CJ refused to eat much of anything and so it ended up being very costly and a waste of time. I’ve heard good things about the SCD diet and I’ve bought a book on it that i have yet to begin reading. Grr! Anyway, i received this email and wanted to share.

I’m attending by web & if anyone else is interested, please register!

There’s still time to register – join us online for “Autism and the SCD Diet”.

It’s been over a month –


Wow it’s been over a month since I’ve written anything on my blog. I guess it’s been really busy. The latest thing I did, was go over to the autism task force meeting at the capital a couple of weeks ago. I went with another autism mom. We sat through the majority of that meeting listening to all the different ways that this task force was going to essentially treat autism from now. More specifically they discussed WHO could treat children with Autism and there was room for public comment at the very end. The meeting lasted all day.

Paula, the other autism mom that went with me, was awesome! She went in front of this task force and talked about her daughter and her current kaiser services, or lack thereof. She was very powerful and gave me the strength to speak myself. Paula presented her daughter Michelle to the task force. I’m so glad that I know both of them. The committee listened. Not only Paula, but to me as well. I really felt like I let them know who my boys were and gave them voices.

I will admit it was nerve-racking! It is so intimidating to stand in front of a large panel of over 20 people and basically pour your heart out talking about your children, their disabilities, services that are being terminated and again the lack of services that they receive through their own health insurance. That new insurance law was what I focused on.

I pretty much blasted Kaiser. I was honest with our situation & I did my best to let everyone know that we are not getting responses in a timely matter, promises are not being kept and our regional center will not be covering ABA for much longer. Again one of the things I focused on was the fact that our insurance is supposed to start providing these autism services based on SB 946 and they haven’t been responding to us. I really focused on the fact that I want to keep my current ABA vendor & that Kaiser only allows you to work with either Easter Seals in Oakland or learning solutions in Sacramento. I really wanted to get the point across that I live in Reedley. I don’t live in Fresno, I don’t live in Madera. We are much further out than either one of those cities – we are about 30 to 40 minutes away from them to be exact – so ABA vendors and therapists driving from Sacramento and/or Oakland to Reedley is not an option – that is not a network.

My final plea or rather demand was that Kaiser live up to the current law and provide some of our rural communities out here with services. I also requested that they allow us to keep our current ABA vendors.

One of the head doctors for Kaiser was present at the autism task force meeting. He gave me his information and card and told me he would look into my sons cases and get back to me within two weeks. It was less than a week and he did get back to me. I now have a case worker through Kaiser and it looks like things are going to be going our way – thank God!

I will keep you all posted on upcoming developments! I guess the squeaky wheel does really get the grease!


A real “Independence Day!”


I wanted to share a little about our 4th of July. I gotta say, i’m so very proud of my boys. With all the people and noise going on around us and our home, my boys did pretty well. They had a blast swimming and playing with my sister in law’s – boyfriends’ son & friend Jarren & Alexis. I was especially proud that when i let CJ know that Jarren and Alexis are deaf and use sign language to communicate, CJ and David did not miss a step and found a way to communicate with both boys. I especially loved that once Jarren and Alexis were aware that David does not know sign language, is non verbal & has Autism, they also found other ways to communicate with him too. I witnessed Alexis tapping David a few times, David looking at him (smiling) and Alexis motioning for him to swim in a circle. It was so cute to see David smile, laugh and start swimming along with the other kids in a circle. Small steps!

Inevitably, with all the stimulation going on, CJ became a little overwhelmed and did need some “time outs” for various reasons. CJ hates certain types of attention. He becomes extremely embarrassed and overcome with emotion when he hurts himself. Example: He ran over to grandma and spilled her hot coffee both on her and his arm. Family members asked him if he was okay and let me know that he had locked himself in my youngest sons room. I went over, forced the door open (which he was trying to keep closed with all his might) and he immediately ran from me to the corner and hid his face. I know this behavior but many of my family members don’t. In mommy meltdown prevention mode, i simply told him that i heard that he spilled some coffee, grandma was okay, and that i was checking to see that he was okay. I also told him he could have a break in the room but to come out and check on grandma when he was ready and walked out of the room – closing the door. I hear that he came out pretty quickly completely fine and checked on grandma soon after – he just needed a moment to self regulate (which can be hard for him). Another proud moment – he was able to self regulate in the middle of a party!

Now, on to fireworks. Two years ago CJ screamed, cried and begged me to take him away from the sight/sound of them. This year CJ was a bit less apprehensive than last year. He actually held sparklers and hung out with my uncles and cousins in the front yard. I’m so proud that he tolerated the noise, smell and sight of the fireworks without needing to plug his ears or cover his eyes! David was able to sit through a few fireworks but he hit his limit and wanted back inside the house. Maybe next year i can try earphones and the iPad so he can glance at the fireworks when he wants to.

All in all it was a good day! This mommy was happy to have all our families around us – in the comfort of our own home!

Favorite quotes of the day:

  • “Tu’s muchachos son bien bonitos, altotes y grandes!” (translated: “Your boys are so big, tall & handsome.”) – My uncle, aunt & cousin.
  • “Your house is beautiful/gorgeous Gabriela” – my cousin.
  • “The food was soooooo good/I’m so full” – my in laws.
  • “I love you mommy – thanks for letting me swim in the pool with my friends!” – CJ.
  • “David tiene Autismo – no se apparece” (translated: “David has Autism, it doesn’t seem like it.”) – my uncle.

Pesticides on fruit | The Worst Summer Fruits | Rodale News

It is so important to buy organic fruits and veggies. If you aren’t buying organic, consider buying a fruit/veggie wash like the “fit” brand, or soaking fruit in a warm water & vinegar solution at least 20 minutes before eating it. If possible, scrub fruit with a towel or sponge too. Fruits soaked in pesticides shouldn’t be making any appearances in your kitchen this season. Read & inform yourself – for your families sake: pesticides on fruit | The Worst Summer Fruits | Rodale News.

My Conscious Box & why i love it!


Conscious Box is a monthly delivery of pure and sustainable products that are handpicked from businesses that care for the planet—just like you & me! Conscious box is:

  • packed with love
  • 100% recycled
  • Uses inks from veggies
  • made with the wind
  • labels are BPA- free
  • 1% for the planet
  • Eco Friendly

My April – “Earth Day” conscious box was one of the best ones yet. I received samples of handmade laundry soap, bath soap, snacks, shampoo, veggie/fruit made paint for kids, veggie/fruit wash, lip balm, hand sanitizer, and even wild flower & herb seeds.


Three products i really loved were the Bare Body Organic Soaps, generationMe laundry soap, & SeedBallz. I do admit that SeedBallz were my fave because they are hand rolled by people with developmental disabilities & in the USA – i just think that’s awesome!

Image Image

I love supporting local businesses, fair trade businesses & using organic and eco-friendly products. I’ve loved each one of my conscious boxes this year and if you like trying new awesome products i’m sure you’d love Conscious box too. I hear they still have some May boxes which can be purchased through OrganicSoul. Enjoy the weekend everyone!