The autism “rollercoaster”… « Lisa Ackerman – Real Help Now

Oh how i love reading other blogs and sharing the exact same feelings as some of the other parents out there. I just love the way Lisa Ackerman say’s, “It’s all about keeping my eyes on the prize.

While the parenting roller coaster is hard for everyone, autism throws some wicked curves on the track. But hanging on- especially for that precious child I am raising – is worth the effort and the fear. There are dips on the track when my motivation fails and the fear overwhelms (and that happens more than often.) But then i throttle back, find some courage and wait for the day when David learns something new, smiles at me, throws a big hug around my neck, makes a new friend, or asks his dad when he can start dating girls. And i will remember what a huge accomplishment it is that he can do ALL of these things, when there was a time we were told he would do none of them. Ever. It is all about keeping my eyes on the prize- my beautiful sons and family!

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The autism “rollercoaster”… « Lisa Ackerman – Real Help Now.

5 Reasons Why Autism Moms Rock! | Psychology Today

Another great read! I love these! “In the end, autism moms inspire me to be a better try make the world a better place for our kids. To continue the fight. To get through another day, month, year. Whenever I feel the least bit sad about things, I can easily find another mother raising a child with autism who can show me “strength”. She can show me the path to help me fight another battle. She can lift my spirits and show understanding that only an autism mother could do. Yes, they do indeed rock!”

1. You are fierce.

2. You have strength within.

3. You are smart cookies.

4. You never take anything for granted.

5. You know no boundary when it comes to love.

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5 Reasons Why Autism Moms Rock!

The words that change your life…“Your child has autism”.
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