Autism Research Institute (ARI) is offering FREE AUTISM WEBINARS

Mar 22: Updates on TMS Research – REGISTER
Mar 28: *Transition: From Preteen to Adulthood REGISTER
Apr 4: *Communities & Businesses – Inclusion REGISTER
Apr 12: Research on Immunological Issues in ASD – REGISTER 
Apr 18: *Privacy: Digital Footprints for our Children – REGISTER
Apr 25: *The Secret to a Happy Life: Meal Planning! – REGISTER 
May 2: *Organizational Strategies in Middle School and Up – REGISTER
May 8: Supporting Sensory Needs in Children & Teens REGISTER 
May 16: *Nutrition Interventions to Improve Sleep – REGISTER
May 24: Serotonin and the Gut in ASD – REGISTER
Jun 1: *Behavioral Strategies to Improve Sleep – REGISTER
Jun 13: *Diagnosis of Autism in Adults – REGISTER
Jun 27: *ASD and Technology- REGISTER
July 11: *Social Media & People with ASD – REGISTER
July 27: *Q & A: Feeding – REGISTER
Aug 8: *Food in Schools – REGISTER
Aug 15: *Easy & Healthy School Lunch Ideas – REGISTER
Aug 22: *Toilet Training – REGISTER
Aug 31: *Research: Making a Difference – REGISTER
Sept 13: Sleep and Neurological Disease REGISTER
Sept 14: *The Gut Microbiome and Autism – REGISTER
Sept 26: *Strategies for Tantrums, Meltdowns, and Outbursts – REGISTER
Oct 10: *ASD and Travel – REGISTER
Oct 24: *Insurance, Grants, Scholarships, & Programs – REGISTER
Nov 7: *Understanding ADHD – REGISTER
Nov 28: *Communicating with your Health Care Providers – REGISTER
Dec 5: *Research Updates from JCCHD – REGISTER
Dec 12: *Organization Tips to Prepare for the New Year – REGISTER

FREE WEBINARS are offered at 1 pm Eastern time (U.S.) on the dates shown. Space is limited – watch your email, or visit ARI on Facebook & Twitter for updates and registration links.

ARI advocates for research & the rights of people with ASD & operates without funding from sponsors or special-interest groups.  Watch past ARI webinars 

* ARI works in partnership with the Johnson Center for Child Health & Development to offer presentations. Watch past JCCHD webinars