Reblogging from the TACA blog –
Please take this message to heart.
A few important tips:
Talk to your kids with autism just like you would talk to any child, but keep it simple. Let them know where you are going, what you are doing and WHY you are doing it.
Spend time with your child outside of therapy hugging them, telling them you love them and why you are fighting so hard. They will hear you.
Please (and I am begging) do not talk about your kids while they are there in front of you. If you are at appointments (doctor or therapist) have a babysitter attend to your child in a separate room when you get to any details that may hurt their feelings. Don’t share negative emotions and thoughts with others when your child is present in the same room.
Tell teachers and staff that work with your kids to do the same! Never talk negatively about any of the kids while they are there listening as well.