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The media should be sharing this message instead: Work hard. Fight hard. Keep trying new therapies. Do not wait. Have hope.

“Growing out” of autism is an urban myth. Recovery from autism is possible.

Moving Autism Forward by Team TACA

By Lisa Ackerman

After reading dozens of national headlines, instead of being hopeful I am offended (1.)  I will explain why:

Individuals with autism typically need many hours if not hundreds or thousands of hours of therapy – many different kinds based on unique needs. An enormous amount of time and energy is also spent by key support staff, immediate and extended families to help. In addition, many individuals with autism are sick (2.) They have medical issues that require comprehensive medical intervention (functional medicine) and for some, lots of it, based on the individual’s needs. All the hard work these individuals have to endure and for some with remarkable results does not mean they just “grew out” of autism.

The article’s title and the interpretation circulated by the media revealing an important study is misleading.  I believe the focus of the study needs to be on the word: RECOVERY

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