Still puzzled mommy, just a bit more colorful

My little blog had an makeover! What started out as a pretty plain little blog has turned into something so “Gaby” (for anyone who knows me).

I recently signed up for a give away through one of my fave couponing/mommy sites: Mama Cheaps! You can visit Mama Cheaps by clicking here: – she finds the best deals!

I was very excited to win the custom blog makeover by Nikole at You can see her work here: When Nikole emailed me, i had no clue what to expect or what i really wanted for my little blog. She asked me what the goal for the site was & what i liked as far as a theme, and it got me thinking – what i really want, is color, life, me, my family, and Autism information/awareness. I think Nikole did an awesome job at capturing my colorful taste and spirit.

I’m working on posting much more and really putting some of the things i’m experiencing and learning out there for others to read, identify with, love, laugh at, cry about or share. I’m still a puzzled mommy, just a bit more colorful! Thanks Nikole and Mama Cheaps!


Published by Puzzled Mommy

I'm a warrior mom to nothing but boys! I am the only girl in my house which means i'm the queen. I'm a 30 something, Chicana, a Warrior mom, Advocate, Marketing Director, a Daughter, a Sister, a Military Mom, a Tia, a G-ma, a Friend, a Chacon, an Espinosa, a McNiel #Huelga #Resist I'm a mom that buy's "organic" "green" & "made in the USA!" My hubby calls me: "Mi Amor", "Mi Vida", "Mi Corazon", "Babe" or "McNiel" and my son's call me: "Mom" or "Mama". I love social media, laughing, smiling, gardening, decorating, traveling (when i can) and of all things: cleaning my house! I like going for rides on the Harley's, colorful tattoo's, eBaying & browsing Etsy as often as i can, fighting for a cause, & empowering myself and those around me. I have a great job at Poverello House as the Director of Volunteer Services. I have met and continue to meet individuals at Poverello House who will remain a special part of my life. I truly learn something new everyday!

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