Autism Research Institute (ARI) is offering FREE AUTISM WEBINARS

Mar 22: Updates on TMS Research – REGISTER
Mar 28: *Transition: From Preteen to Adulthood REGISTER
Apr 4: *Communities & Businesses – Inclusion REGISTER
Apr 12: Research on Immunological Issues in ASD – REGISTER 
Apr 18: *Privacy: Digital Footprints for our Children – REGISTER
Apr 25: *The Secret to a Happy Life: Meal Planning! – REGISTER 
May 2: *Organizational Strategies in Middle School and Up – REGISTER
May 8: Supporting Sensory Needs in Children & Teens REGISTER 
May 16: *Nutrition Interventions to Improve Sleep – REGISTER
May 24: Serotonin and the Gut in ASD – REGISTER
Jun 1: *Behavioral Strategies to Improve Sleep – REGISTER
Jun 13: *Diagnosis of Autism in Adults – REGISTER
Jun 27: *ASD and Technology- REGISTER
July 11: *Social Media & People with ASD – REGISTER
July 27: *Q & A: Feeding – REGISTER
Aug 8: *Food in Schools – REGISTER
Aug 15: *Easy & Healthy School Lunch Ideas – REGISTER
Aug 22: *Toilet Training – REGISTER
Aug 31: *Research: Making a Difference – REGISTER
Sept 13: Sleep and Neurological Disease REGISTER
Sept 14: *The Gut Microbiome and Autism – REGISTER
Sept 26: *Strategies for Tantrums, Meltdowns, and Outbursts – REGISTER
Oct 10: *ASD and Travel – REGISTER
Oct 24: *Insurance, Grants, Scholarships, & Programs – REGISTER
Nov 7: *Understanding ADHD – REGISTER
Nov 28: *Communicating with your Health Care Providers – REGISTER
Dec 5: *Research Updates from JCCHD – REGISTER
Dec 12: *Organization Tips to Prepare for the New Year – REGISTER

FREE WEBINARS are offered at 1 pm Eastern time (U.S.) on the dates shown. Space is limited – watch your email, or visit ARI on Facebook & Twitter for updates and registration links.

ARI advocates for research & the rights of people with ASD & operates without funding from sponsors or special-interest groups.  Watch past ARI webinars 

* ARI works in partnership with the Johnson Center for Child Health & Development to offer presentations. Watch past JCCHD webinars   



Webinars – Talk About Curing Autism (TACA)

We realize TACA cannot have chapters in every town and every state, but we know many families need us. TACA families need information in a way that is more convenient to them, and as a response to their needs, we are now pleased to offer webinars for our members. 

TACA Webinars will be offered based on our Autism Journey Blueprints so members can follow along on their journey based on topic, needs and age of the child. The four topics will include:

All school related topics including: IEP’s, homeschooling, legal, therapies, evaluations, curriculum

Resources include all financial, services, insurance and therapies

Autism Journey Blueprint Path by age
– Years 1-3
– Years 4 to teen
– Teens
– Adults

Medical & Diet
This topic includes all topics related to medical and dietary interventions

TACA Autism Journey Blueprints can be found:

TACA will be holding webinars with featured physicians, researchers, attorneys, therapists and knowledgeable providers to help educate and empower families living with autism. Be sure to bookmark this page for more details.

For upcoming webinars click here: Webinars – Talk About Curing Autism (TACA).

Empowering Autism Conference at San Diego State University

Empowering Autism

Intensive Legal Training for Parents

Saturday, October 19, 2013 • 8 am – 5 pm
San Diego State University

TACA is collaborating with the Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Law & Advocacy (EBCALA) to bring the Empowering Autism Conference to California families affected by autism. It’s an innovative legal training conference with comprehensive advocacyinsight exclusively for parents and grandparents. TACA Program Director/Legal Advocacy Coordinator Summer Stech will be speaking at the conference.

Early Registration Ends October 3

Important update for our parent training: Parents of children who are San Diego Regional Center (SDRC) clients, may register at no cost.

If your child is a client at another California regional center, please contact your caseworker with our vendor number (PQ9906) and request direct payment for your conference registration.

Click here for more information: Empowering Autism Conference at San Diego State University.